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Attorneys always look at the strength of a case based upon purely objective information. The support system that gives it merit is not given as much credence. No matter what you've seen on TV dramas, where every attorney is the primary driving player for a case, there are several individuals responsible for how things ultimately play out. Before cases even reach the court, one of the most important jobs is handled by the court reporter. Even attorneys will tell you that the strength of any case lies upon how well the depositions have been put together.

While attorneys look over depositions with a fine toothed comb, they hardly ever look at the qualifications of the deposition reporters themselves. They're far too busy to look that far into the minutiae of the proceedings. There's at least one method that attorneys can utilize to be sure they're working with the best possibly reporters, however, and it doesn't even require full investigation; the answer lies in getting in touch with a respected court reporting agency like Naegeli. With that said, here are three of the most important aspects that should be taken into consideration during the reporter screening process:

1 - Reference Screening

Certified court reporting centers around having all proper certifications required of the job at hand. Anyone that's ever had dealings with a poor performing certified reporter will tell you there's a lot more to it than that, however. One of the best ways to make sure a reporter is valuable beyond the surface level is to screen their references with extreme rigor. Non-listed references are especially important.

All certified court reporting agencies must screen the listed references for any reporter. The best of the best will also ask for some additional references to help support their assessment. By looking at a varied degree of references, an agency will be able to tell if a reporter has a legitimate positive reputation or not.

2 - Technical Ability Screening

As with any occupation, Kennewick court reporting is relying more and more upon a degree of technical savvy. Video reporting and real-time reporting are both becoming quite essential. If you need these abilities in a reporter yourself, you shouldn't have too difficult time in locating several promising candidates. You may have a difficult time telling how talented a particular reporter is in regards to your needs, however.

Just as with anyone - even attorneys - some reporters take on assignments they may not be fully qualified for. To avoid this, you should use a reporting agency every time. They always make sure that the skill set of the reporter matches the task they're being assigned to.

3 - Personality Screening

It probably seems a bit weird that a court reporter needs to be screened for their personality. They're usually silent and sitting still for the duration of their jobs. Even so, their personality makes a huge difference in how they come across during depositions. It determines how they'll handle deponents in the deposition manuscript as well.

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