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Here's What You Should Look For In A Portland Court Reporting Service

When you're thinking about hiring a court reporting service, then you will be given advice such as being told to evaluate the services, as well as evaluating the actual court reporters. Throughout the remainder of this article, we will discuss criteria that you should consider when it comes to finding and choosing the best court reporter, regardless of how good of a reputation the courtroom reporting service is. Remember, the services offered by the individual reporter is what will make you feel good or not so good about your hiring decision.

According to many organizations, including law firms, there are two types of criteria that you should consider when you are looking for court reporters. Basic skills, professionalism, and reputation are the criteria. Let's discuss those criteria below.

The Basic Requirements
Not all legal proceedings require the same degree of proficiency standards from reporters, but there are basic requirements set forth for all court reporters. State certification is one of the basic requirements for all court reporters. This type of certification shows that the reporter had to prove their knowledge of the industry by taking a test.

Also, typing speed is another requirement. Court reporters in Portland, Oregon should be able to type at least 200 words per minute. Depositions are often considered tiresome, but they can also be fast, and this means a reporter may need specific research skills that other reporters may not posses.

Two other crucial requirements include proofreading and editing skills. Before a transcript is delivered, reporters should proofread and perform any edits. This is to ensure that the transcript can easily be read. You should make sure that a reporter possesses those skills and just don't say they can perform such tasks.

Professionalism And Reputation
Law firms often assume that the character and demeanor of the court reporter don't matter because they don't interact with witnesses. However, the ways they act and present themselves can impact the quality of a deposition. Judges and attorneys are not protected from prejudice, as well as adversarial thinking and bias, and the same goes for court reporters.

An attorney's line of questioning can be severely impacted in a bad way by a court reporter's lack of professionalism. Plus, the entire reporting process can be a nightmare is the reporter doesn't present themselves in a professional way. They may show up late for depositions or dress in a way that is not appropriate, or they may forget to deliver transcripts.

Don't make the mistake of not judging the professionalism and reputation of a reporter. Do research and find out more about their past work. Do not take the agency's word that their reporter is professional and that they have a stellar reputation. You can be the judge of that after you conduct your research.

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